🇫🇷 Paris Travel Guide 🇫🇷| Watch This BEFORE You Go!

Here’s our Essential PARIS Travel Guide, giving you EVERYTHING you need to know to travel better on your own Parisian adventure! We’re including food, …

23 thoughts on “🇫🇷 Paris Travel Guide 🇫🇷| Watch This BEFORE You Go!

  1. 1952mclean says:

    Just a word of caution if you are planning to visit ANY big city in France . Just pray to God nothing goes wrong like, losing your baggage, wallet, getting sick or any other mishap. The French, majority of them , have NO concept of customer service, helping a stranger or doing their job at a minimum standard of pride and professionalism, they will tell you au revoir , but what they are trying to tell you is get the fuck out of here and never return. Police does not exist ,so you can be robbed or attacked in broad day light and no one will come to your aid.
    It is the most beautiful country I have seen, but the mot problematic for any time period over one week. Dog poop , no drivers stopping for pedestrians, thieves and Roma everywhere, worst work ethics in all of Europe, and the cities are overtaken by Middle Easterners, but it is still a good idea to visit now because in a few years ,France will be a very different unrecognizable sad place

  2. Mónica Rocha says:

    Went this year in january…
    Paris has great monuments and museums, they're all very beautiful and, in my opinion, I think that is what's keeping Paris great otherwise I was very disappointed.
    People (french people in general, when we talked to them in english we were ignored, when we tried to speak french we were ignored…) they were rude, the streets aren't that clean as everyone thinks and it's full of immigrants trying to rob you.
    We were four and stayed for a week and people tried to rob us 3 times (opening our bags, putting their hands on our pockets, trying to scam us,…)
    It is beautiful and it would be even more beautiful without people

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