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Elden Ring: Deluxe Edition Patch full version SKiDROW CODEX [v 1.02 + DLC]License Key [Latest-2022]



Name Elden Ring
Publisher jerjess
Format File
Rating 4.14 / 5 ( 5471 votes )
Update (11 days ago)




The year is 2226. An unidentified object crashes in an uninhabited area in the Land Between, igniting a battle between men of good and evil. An expansive world named the “Land Between” exists between the universe of “The Elder Scrolls” and our own world, situated at a fixed distance from both. The land of “Gyr Abania” was once part of this universe, but was forcibly taken by the Lahnasian Empire and is now a stone fort with an earth-based plane. This fort and the “Land Between” have been connected through the “Portal”, a mysterious power that appears in both places. The Lahnasian Empire has obtained the power known as “Elementum” and intends to use it as a means to dominate the “Land Between”. However, the power that exists in the “Land Between” is different from the one that exists in the “world of The Elder Scrolls”, and the Empire is left with no choice but to cast off the “Universe of The Elder Scrolls”. The Empire has also obtained the power “Elementum”, and intends to make use of this as well. The outcome of this battle is uncertain, and there is no single clear-cut enemy. The protagonist and the companions whom he is forming into a party will be guided by a story of betrayal, loss, and danger.


※Tarnished is an RPG Maker MV game
Powered by RPG Maker MV
Enjoy the Real-time Online Battle System
Enjoy a Variety of Characters
Enjoy the Combat of Over 20 Characters
Enjoy Customizable Abilities
Enjoy the Full Customization of Character

※The Current Version of the Game Includes
◆ Characters
◆ Combat System
◆ Magic
◆ etc.
We will constantly be adding various game features, in addition to the contents that are currently in the game.


※ 1. Features in Alpha Version
We are currently developing an alpha version.
Enjoy daily content, such as quests, monsters, items, and more.
※ 2. Features in Beta Version
We are constantly re-evaluating the game features in beta version based on your feedback.
Enjoy content as it is adjusted for each stage.
We plan


Features Key:

  • Play as a legendary Elden Lord in the Lands Between
  • Explore the vast fantasy world in unique open fields and massive dungeons with 3D graphics
  • Customize and develop your character freely, and explore a vast universe
  • Fight against other players in real-time MMO combat
  • Arrange battles with other players’ characters
  • Fight battles against the powerful monsters who have invaded the Lands Between
  • Challenge stronger players and reach the highest levels through protracted combat
  • Enjoy third-person perspective open fields and battles with third-person shooter interface
  • Experience 2D side-scrolling dungeons from a first-person perspective and fight dozens of monsters
  • Immerse yourself in epic story about the Lands Between
  • Utilize unique AI, character customization, weapon and magic growth
  • A unique Elder Scrolls RPG style with the power of the STREET FIGHTERS. 

    Play as a powerful fighter in an online open world RPG, where the rules of “fantasy” are made into reality!

    ◆Earn experience points for defeating monsters and increase your stats
    ◆Equip high-level weaponry and improve your attacks
    ◆Fight while running and jumping using EXCEL QUADRUPLE BIPEDEACRON WING ARM MULTI-BREAKER



    Action RPGS IN TOKYO!* 

    The reason why WoW is so successful is simple. 

    (World of Warcraft but better!)

    Elden Ring is a game of fantasy action, where fantasy can come true


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    1. Customize

    a. Equip Equipment
    Equipping equipment from the Battle Academy to enhance your character’s power will help you fight!
    You can freely customize your character’s appearance, including its face, hair, and outfit.
    b. Customize Magic
    Equip the magic items that the Tarnished Elden Library has provided to increase your effective magic.
    c. Customize Equipment
    Equipping equipment from the Battle Academy will help you fight!
    d. Enhance Your Skills
    In addition to your class skills, you can try to enhance other skills through class quests and class-based quests.
    2. Combat System
    Combat System:
    a. Attacks
    Within the field of battle, you can directly attack your enemies with various melee and magic weapons.
    b. Parries
    Be equipped with an armor, and you will have an opportunity to parry a surprise attack.
    3. Exploration
    Explore the world and fight in the field
    Explore the vast world full of depth and climb in the vast dungeons with three-dimensional designs.
    4. Class System
    Class System:
    a. Class System

    Class: Swordmaster/Beastmaster/Physician/Rogue/Pirate/Gunslinger/Sorceress/Paladin
    b. Boss Vouchers
    You can use a special class Voucher to use a special class when playing a boss battle.
    c. Battle Appearances
    Your equipment and skills have a very important effect on battle.
    5. Offline Play
    Offline Play
    a. Battle Performance
    By using the special management item that was given to you upon creation, you can immediately rank up your equipment.
    b. Custom Dungeon
    You can create your own custom dungeon.
    6. Q&A Forum
    Q. Is there any offline use of the high-level equipment that was earned in the fields?
    A. Yes, it is possible. However, do not dare to use that equipment in the field. The circumstances of the game world are different from that of the field.
    Q. I want to temporarily increase my level in the fields. Can I do that?
    A. That depends on the situation. Be careful of the time limit.
    Q. Are there pets that I can equip?
    A. Yes, there are. You can raise a pet, and it will increase your level through battle.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    1. You are only allowed to play with other players (age 18+) that are ranked “Y”. Please note that the standard rules of Arena of Valor does not apply to the matchmaking with other players in the same realm.

    2. No bots are allowed.

    3. If you wish to invite others directly as your teammates, you must register at least two characters and merge them with your main character. Please note that you cannot play with players from other servers at this time.

    4. Due to the nature of this game, use of unauthorized software (e.g., cheats) could result in your exclusion from the game. Also, please note that unauthorized use of such software can be grounds for exclusion.

    5. The use of real names is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged to use your true given names.

    6. This game is played in a private arena called “Elden”. The ownership of the Arena does not transfer to other players. Please, be careful not to delete the Arena during your trip, or any of your in-game items, including your character. It is also important to take care of the Arena when playing on public servers.

    7. Please check the Arenas that you are qualified to play in via the Arena game interface or by contacting our customer support team. (Please be advised that due to issues with the Global Title system, it is impossible to verify your rank using the Global System of Progression. To check your rank, you will need to contact our customer support team.)

    8. If you encounter any technical issues when playing, please contact our customer support team. As the Arena owners, we always try our best to respond within 24 hours.

    9. You need to have both Tobii eye tracking support and an NVIDIA GPU with NVidia GPU to play the game.


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    ***Preventing Cheating and Hacking***

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install The Game
  • Copy the crack from the given download file
  • Copy The crack to your game directory
  • Open [Epic Games Launcher]
  • The downloaded game will start installation
  • Wait until it is Installed
  • The Game will be ready. Enjoy!
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    System Requirements:

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA or AMD based graphics card with support for Shader Model 5.0.
    Video Card: Resolution should be 1080p with a minimum of 1024×768 (16:9 aspect ratio). Graphics cards can be older (NVIDIA only) or even from the previous generation (AMD only) as long as they support Shader Model 5.0.
    Video Driver: latest version (recommended) of the video drivers for the video card
    Video Card Drivers: latest version of the video card drivers (downloadable from the nVidia or


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